About Tiffany Blair

Tiffany spends her daily life as a mother and wife, while running a business as a fitness professional. Though her true love is poetry, she has written some articles and is currently sharing her memoir, Superbia the Warrior Queen.

After being diagnosed with PTSD at just 20, Tiffany uses her knowledge in health and fitness, as well as

experience from her own journey to mental healing and peace, to advocate for others who are searching for their own peace.

Follow her blog for updates on new chapter releases from Superbia the Warrior Queen or just for another person’s perspective on parenting, fitness, and general life.

The Ogre

This is Chapter 4 of the Superbia the Warrior Queen: A Memoir series. In the weeks leading up to my birthday, I began to gather the things that were rightfully mine. My clothes and personal effects were packed away neatly, and I had saved up the tips I had earned from serving tables to ensure … Continue reading The Ogre