Balancing Act

The last few months of my life have been a hectic mess! At least I can say it has been a rewarding and heart-warming mess.

My heart & soul!

I am a full time mom. Being a mother is my #1 “career choice” and my most cherished responsibility. Yes, my two amazing children do attend school, but parenting doesn’t stop during school hours. I pick them up when they are not feeling well. I attend most class parties and school events. I shop for supplies and treats for the class events and projects. Once they return home, I assist with homework and the usual evening routine and playtime.

During summer and other school breaks, I am blessed to be able to take my kids with me to work. I truly love that they spend the day with me, and snuggle breaks between clients is the best stress reliever! This also means that on top of my business load (detailed below), I am ensuring that snacks and drinks are brought with us, entertainment is available, rules are set and followed for a smooth day, and everything is planned thoroughly to prevent unnecessary interruptions for my clients’ sessions. My daily load within business hours is doubled and there isn’t as much time for catch-up between summer play activities. These last few months have mostly consisted of the school-break schedule.

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I run a full time business as a fitness professional. This consists of more than just meeting with clients. There is so much that I do behind the scenes of those hour-long sessions, including paperwork, client programming, updating files, scheduling, and client check-ins between sessions. These are just the client-specific tasks! The business-related tasks include financial book keeping, continuing education studies, marketing, and the free online advice that I give via social media and email. In At Least I Have My Day Job…, I explained why my business is so near-and-dear to my heart, so every one of these tasks is one I take seriously and execute with diligence.

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I am a full time writer. Well, I have been these last few months, anyways, as I have spent hours at a time bringing my book to life on the Word pages within the screen before me. Dishes have been put off and my usually OCD-organized home has had moments far from perfection as I spent time painting pictures of monsters with dark words within my memoir. All was worth it when the time came that I was happy enough with my work to share it with readers.

Writing, though, was the easy part. Getting my work in front of the right people is a whole process, in itself! My manuscript is currently being submitted to literary agents, which is a difficult numbers game. Kellie Michelle Parker perfectly explains this process with the perfect analogy, for those who have not experienced it for themselves.

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There have been some moments of overwhelm, but I am mostly grateful to be actively pursuing and involved in multiple callings that fill me with such a passionate drive. Some people journey most of their lives in hopes of finding just one meaningful calling.

Besides, a few nights of dinner eaten from kitchen containers (because the bowls are all in the sink) never caused anyone long term damage!

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